Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Already!!

Cousins - honest!

Great grandbaby #5

Sisters, Shorty Mother & Nephews

Me and my Mummy

4 of 10

More of 10

Mickey, we love you!

I can't believe how quickly July came and went. It was a busy month with family, and lack thereof as Rex was working hard and never home. We missed him a lot but luckily I had my mother around to hang out with. Getting together with my family always comes in concentrated form. Of the 10 of us, 3 live here in Draper/Sandy, 1 drives trucks out of Iowa, and the rest are scattered world wide. So when there's an occasion, like my nephews wedding, they all come over at once. Between the three local houses, we manage to find beds, food, and entertainment for everyone. Each day consists of more food than should ever be consumed in one sitting, lots of laughing with David, embarrassing memories, photos, and running to the mall or Costco. Not to mention several trips to and from the airport. This time around was no exception. We even had a baby, Jack, born to oldest grandchild, Wade, in the middle of all of this. My mother now has 37 grandchildren and nearly 6 great grandchildren (one more due next month). YEEE HAAA!!! My mother left last Saturday. She was the last to go. It was hard to say goodbye. She says she'll come back for Ash's baptism in 2 years. I'm going to hold her to it. My house is back to just the normal daily chaos. It really is too quiet around here (which is saying something because Juddy is running around with a noise maker as I write this). I look forward to the next event so we can get together together again. In the meantime, I'd better clean up this place!

Hey, Cicilee just pulled out Asher's first loose tooth. Way to go guys. Better get to bed early tonight Ash so mum and dad can write the Tooth Fairy an IOU ha ha.


Holly said...

Looks like your house full is gone, but you had a great time! The boys are finally signed up for school and I can't be more excited to have a regular schedule. :) Hope all is well with you guys! LOVES!

cristelle said...

is your header in La Jolla? i love that place and miss it. i'm glad all your family could visit. looks like you all had a good time!

Crystal said...

great pics - good to see all the family. And who would ever believe those two are cousins??? : ) Well hopefully in a few years you'll be blogging about your favourite neice coming to visit ha ha.

Guess what - have been cleaning out old boxes etc and I found a book you made me for Christmas in like 1982 - though I didn't fill it in till 1987 when I was 5. It was this book about how tall I was, and what colour are my eyes, and draw in the shape of my nose, and draw around my foot etc etc. Do you remember it??

Jessica said...

Tons of events happened in July and now school has started. What's up with that? You look so good too! I love your hair!