Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Car Trouble

This is definitely not the Christmas car surprise I was expecting. I was hoping for a big bow not a big deductible! Snow is beautiful but no fun to go sledding in when you're in a car. Cicilee and I enjoyed this adventure together. I didn't see my life flash before me, I saw hers. It was scary. However, all is well and this picture actually represents many blessings; no injuries (Cicilee and I are both fine), Rex was only concerned with our welfare not the cost of repair, no body damage (only a bent axle - I've done more damage backing out at Costco), no air bags were deployed (this one time Cicilee was sitting in the front seat and could have been badly hurt), the car didn't flip when we hit the curb, no one else was involved, people have been so generous (Troy and Jyl Pattee loaned me their minivan), I was not in control of this car when it went sledding but I am completely sure my angel was ... my Heavenly Father loves me. What a wonderful Christmas gift.