Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Queen of Procrastination

I am supposed to be studying chapter 3 in my overly large biology book. It has a great picture of a chameleon on the cover. If I'd bought it at the SLCC bookstore I would have paid $193 but I got it off KSL and only paid $70 ("only"). Anyway, I'm supposed to be learning about covalent bonds. My mind keeps wandering. In fact, it just wandered all the way into another room and onto the computer. I've been checking my email: reading and replying. I've also been Google-ing random things. Did you know that gasses escaping a body being cremated sound like a scream. I bet that's a change of underwear experience for the first day on the job. I've told the boys off a couple of times for fighting over the Nintendo. Dinner crossed my mind - that can surely wait. Or perhaps I should check out the Food Network, they've always got good ideas. I like the "stick of butter on everything" lady. Judge Judy is on later. Perhaps I'll tune in and count how many times she calls someone an idiot. Hey, isn't American Idol on tonight? Simon will surely tell someone they sound like a dying cat. That's classic. My mother should be awake right about now, I think I'll call her. It's been a while. I wander what the weather is like down there? Oh, I just got an email from Asher's class about their Valentine's party. Looks like I get to read stories to the kids. Excellent. I like making up parts, it keeps them on their toes. Anyone have a favorite story I can read to the kids? Did I call Jilly back? Have I checked out everyone's blogs yet?

OK! OK! I'll get back to it. But before I do, I just have to add a picture of my kids watching The Polar Express 3D at their cousins house. Then I'll quickly fold some clothes, clean the kitchen, and pick up the toys. After all, class doesn't start until 5:30.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Saved by the Blog

I just logged on to delete my blog as I haven't even looked at it since August of last year. But as I started reading my blog and the comments people have made, I decided that I just couldn't do it. So, here I go again. Maybe this should be my new years resolution, write in my blog. I know there are people who have given up on me because of my infrequent postings, but maybe I'll woo them back with all the amazing and interesting things I do in a day (ha ha).

By way of an update, I passed Math 1010 with an "A". This did not come without much sweat and tears, not to mention many calls to Angela Vosti (thank you!!!!!). Rex was a big help too. I am so glad that my education path now does not include Algebra. I am done mixing numbers with letters YEE HAA! I also passed my Finance class with an "A". This makes me a straight "A" student. What a nerdy nerd. I never did this well in high school. Actually, the first two years of high school I topped all my classes then I bought a car and never showed my face in class again so my grades were pretty terrible. I start school again next week and will finally get my teeth into some biology and chemistry. Could this be the end of my "A's?"

The kids are all back in school. We had such a good Christmas break. This was our best Christmas ever. We didn't spend a fortune, the kids loved and appreciated their presents, there was no drama, and I didn't burn the food. Rex took the boys ice fishing and shooting. They love hanging out with their Dad doing this manly man kind of stuff. As for Cicilee and I, we went shopping and out to lunch. Now that is a civilized way to spend a day. Glad you had fun guys.

I am putting the finishing touches on the basement bathroom. It has been a long project but it is at least usuable. We still have a little tiling left to do in the double headed shower but we're getting closer to having the kids out of our bathroom.

Well, happy new year all. I hope you have a fantastic 2009. May you all keep your resolutions, at least for January.