Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Down Under!

We are outta here! I found an amazing deal on tickets to New Zealand with a free stop-over in Australia so I quickly did my taxes to make sure I had enough money - and what do ya know, I do! The tickets are booked, the excitement is palpable, the wait is unbearable. Especially for the kids. They ask me every day "when are we going?" "Well we don't leave until school is out in June so it's going to be a while." It was driving me nuts so I gave them each a calendar now they can stinkin well cross off the days for themselves, and leave me alone. Aren't I a nice, kind, patient mother? There is much to do. We have to get new passports because, of course, they expired at the end of last year. I only have one suitcase because I keep lending them out and now they are scattered world wide. Oh and I have to practice driving on the other side of the road so if you see me on the wrong side, don't worry, I'm not drunk, I'm just practicing. I am so excited. Now you know why you hear "Land Down Under" by Men at Work on my play list.

Here's a picture of Ash's missing two front teeth. He could be a "Cullen" with that fangish smile.