Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer is ...

Being crazy

Lounging around

Going to the dogs


15 minutes of fame


Sparkling fun

Family walks

All in the same boat

The girls

3 Stooges


Keeping cool

Cicilee and Christian have been out of school for one month. We have managed to keep busy and happy. There has been lots of swimming, playing with friends, hanging out with cousins, family walks, a fire at the pond, interesting pets (like 3 snakes Cicilee brought home from church - what was that lesson all about?), fireworks, and hanging out. We look forward to my nephew's wedding next week, and all the fun and family that will bring. The best part is that my Mother is here! I have legal custody of her beginning Sunday 13th. I can't wait. We're going to go shopping, have our nails done, go to lunch, hang out ... I am excited to have her come play at my house.

Hows your summer going?